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by Linda Smyth August 13, 2021 4 min read

I'm writing this so it feels weird to ask the first question to myself!   I'm in the 45-49 bracket.

2. What’s the song that takes you back to childhood the most? 

    Blue Bayou by Linda Rondstandt, I still love that song so much.  In fact, I’m going to put it on right now!  Also anything by Kenny, Dolly, Neil … and The Cars.

    3. Who was your first real life teen crush?  Did you ever get together? 

      Do you know all these years later I can’t actually bring myself to write his name in case someone from high school reads it?!  Hahah, I know, ridiculous! I just wrote it and deleted it. Safe to say it was real, and my heart was crushed.  I only ever told my labrador Kizzy the extent of my love for him and bless her kind heart, she didn’t ever tell a soul.  We did actually get together for a very brief moment when we were older but it was so not right!

      4. Who, What or Where makes you feel good every time? 

        My son.  Being silly with my husband.  Sunshine. The beach. Songs from the 70's, especially Bob Seagar. Kid Rock’s All Summer Long. Margarita’s and Aperol Spritz with good friends.

        5. What’s your perception of the 40’s?  Has that changed since you joined this decade? 

          The 40’s to me used to be a far off age where I’d be super fabulous, in a real life version of a romantic comedy kind of marriage, with a nice house and kids and the absoluteperfect wardrobe. Interestingly a job didn’t feature in that daydream hahaha.

          My real life perception is that it is definitelynot a romantic comedy and I still don’t have the absolute perfect wardrobe godammit but it’s actually pretty awesome. I really love my 40’s! 

          In my 40’s I’ve finally become a Mum so that on it’s own makes it the best decade ever. 

          I also feel like my personal growth this decade has been massive. 

          The 40’s for me are exciting and full of confidence and promise and free of the burden which is fear of judgement.  And the fact that I’m here gives me a kind of sense of urgency that I need to get stuff done now - like what am I actually waiting for?  

          In this sense the 40’s has been like a massive permission slip to do what I want and achieve what I want and realise that it’s all up to me! 

          Another absolutely wonderful perception/reality of the 40’s is female friendship and the sisterhood, which, for me anyway, really comes to the fore and it is truly, truly wonderful. 

          6. How do you feel about the 50’s?  

            I really hate admitting it but I’m a bit nervous about turning 50.  I feel like there’s this societal perception about 50 year old women as a bit ‘old’ and untethered - without a clear role in society.  So on one hand that makes me a bit nervous that people will dump me into an ‘old and no longer useful’ category (which is completely contradictory to the above 40's statement around losing fear of judgement, wtf).

            And on the other hand I know that fear isabsolutely ridiculous because a/. I used to think the 40’s were old and now I’m here I wonder how I could ever have thought that 40 was old - especially now I’m closer to heading out of the decade than entering into it!, and b/. I look to my very useful heroes - Elle McPherson, Emmanuelle Alt, Linda Rodin, Isabelle Marant and all the awesome women in their 50’s I know and see on the streets and wonder why I’m even thinking those thoughts. 

            So in summary - I’m in the process of rationalising this stupid societal perception of 50 and genuinely feeling super pumped about continuing on with a full, fun life into a new decade.  Bring it on!!  

            7. What are the 3 words which come to mind when I say ‘menopause’?

              Personal growth and opportunity, shitty emotions, hot flushes

              8. How do you feel about menopause? 

              Weirdly sometimes I’m almost fond of it - like it’s the ultimate challenge - physically and emotionally and it’s rewarding getting through it - like another opportunity for personal growth. 

              Other times it makes me sad and frustrated and angry and really uncomfortably hot.  So I guess I feel equally good and bad about it, but given it’s supposed to happen and it’s happening because I’m alive I feel mostly good - except the trillion and one things which suddenly piss me off massively.  

              9. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

                My sir gown.  It’s really beautiful - the ultimate blend of feminine and cool and I always feel fantastic when I put it on. I love having that one item in my wardrobe that I can rely on in a moment’s notice. I can wear it in loads of different way and I feel like it will never date.

                10. What’s the most worn item in your wardrobe?

                  My bon cropped grey sweater from a few seasons ago. It works with so many outfits. I’m genuinely concerned about it starting to look too worn and not having a replacement.

                  11. Who is your style hero? 

                    Isabel Marant

                    12. What would you like to be known for?

                      Bringing up an excellent son who contributes really positively to the world.  Being fun and kind. And de-olding menopause.

                      13. What are you looking forward to today?

                        Hahah, it’s 9.40pm and I’m looking forward to going to bed!!! 

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