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welcome to bon

Following a lifelong appreciation of the mythical good tee (and unable to find it),
I began designing and sewing my own,
eventually founding bon in February 2016.
I now run bon from sydney's northern beaches with my very dear friend Libby .
our goal is to supply women just like us with the ultimate
in luxe tees and supporting wardrobe essentials,
and do some genuine good along the way ...
as well as having fun and drinking possibly a few too many margaritas.
I've also just hit full on menopause (a touch early, I'm in my forties with a not quite 3 year old son). 
i'd been feeling for a long time that i wanted to write about this life-full journey through the forties
+ celebrate all the wonderful women in it.  
menopause also has a terrible reputation (granted, it's kind of warranted)
but it doesn't mean old, or the end of useful you, and neither does being in your forties.
so i'm combining the two and expanding bon to become a place to share my very hot menopause experience
+ shine a light on the very cool journey into middle age.
with the aim to 'de-old' menopause + create a community in the process.
i'm so happy you're here.
thank you for joining me on this journey, it's going to be a good one.  Linda x

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