the love of a good tee, organic cotton + ethical practices

Established in 2016 by Linda Smyth, bon is ethical, sustainable, luxe essentials for women.  
Starting with a good tee…
bon is a love letter to good tees.
A good tee is the ultimate in utility.
It can be subtle or a statement, dressy or casual.
It makes us feel comfortable, confident and sexy.
And it’s creation does not exploit people

or damage the environment. 

bon tees are good tees.  

Organic, ethical, meticulously designed and expertly crafted.
They’re made to be loved and worn to death
The opposite of fast fashion. 

Our Values 

One of the most beautiful things about a good tee is that it’s unf*ckupable.
You can throw it on with your oldest denim or most tailored pants and it looks good. 
You can tie it in a knot over your bathers and it looks good.  
You can layer it under a blazer and it looks good.
You can wear it tucked into tailored trousers, the most insanely beautiful skirt, or out and loose with breezes swirling all around and it looks good.

When you start with a good basic, you can’t help but create an unf*ckupable outfit.  
We pull this concept through the entire range, and all of our garments go through the bon ‘is it unf*ckupable’ (™) process in the design room. 
The result is simple shapes and minimal designs in beautiful fabrics with original prints.
Only the really good pieces. The wardrobe mvp’s. The everyday garments you can’t go wrong in.
The unf*ckupable items made to be worn to death.

Bon is French for good and goodness is at the heart of the business.
There’s no space for fast fashion in the unfuckupable wardrobe.  It’s not about excess.  
Just quality essentials which are designed well, made well and made to last. Pieces which work in lots of different ways, made with care and respect for people and the planet.

We use GOTS certified organic cotton jersey for all of our tees and sweaters.   
Our fabric is grown off-shore, then spun and woven in Australia.
The entire process from spinning through weaving and dyeing is ACO certified.
Outside of our organic jersey range we seek to remain as sustainable as possible.  
Lycra made from recycled PET bottles is used for our Active leggings.
Our linens have a significantly lower environmental impact than regular cotton production.
Our lining is made from the usually unused parts of the cotton plant at a factory with near 100% recycling.   It’s ISO14001 and oeko-tex standard 100 approved.
Where fabric is not entirely sustainable we make small quantities of  garments designed to be worn for life.
Unique fabrics are made to order reducing wastage and employing traditional techniques.
Woven shirting (available from mid next year!) is made from GOTS certified organic cotton

Garments are printed and embroidered locally, minimising travel miles and carbon footprint per garment
Enviro-friendly waterbased dyes are used for all of our regular prints
We’re not perfect, but we’re pretty good, and always striving to improve our production practises and processes.  
It’s really important to us that we do not profit from the exploitation of people or the planet. 
We choose to make all of our garments ethically in Australia and we are ECA accredited.


We also believe in the Sisterhood.  
We love men, but it's no secret women make the fashion industry - and the world ;) - go round.   
We believe in the sisterhood - the power of women banding together, supporting not exploiting one another, and bringing out the good in garments, and the good in the world.  
Fashion doesn't make the world go round but it's a really lovely place to start.
Support your sisters and buy ethical x

the bon studio

We do our best to run the studio as sustainably as possible.
Currently we -
Refuse to individually bag our garments in plastic sleeves.
Use 100% renewable energy via Momentum energy.
Use recyclable/biodegradable/sustainable forestry packaging.
Recycle our Paper & Plastics (we are on a mission to reduce plastics in the studio to zero).
Use Keep Cups and Swell water bottles.
Print our brand collateral locally (reducing our carbon footprint).
Use FSC certified and Australian made paper (we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and we’re slowly reducing the amount of collateral we print).
use business cards made from the off-cuts of t'shirt production recycled into card (we especially love this technology!)
Donate samples and seconds to charity.
Use sampling fabric off cuts as rags.
Keep the lights off and use natural light for as long as the sunshine will allow.

about the designer

Following a lifelong appreciation of the mythical good tee (and unable to find it) Linda Smyth began designing and sewing her own, eventually founding bon in February 2016.
Self taught and ex-advertising Linda now runs bon from her Northern Beaches studio, supplying discerning women in Australia, and around the world, with the ultimate in luxe tees and supporting wardrobe essentials.

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