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ethical production

our mission is to make a tee which has a positive impact on every body it touches.

beginning with a good seed and a fair price paid to cotton farmers, and ending with you, our #bongirls.

our goal is to ensure that a bon tee not only does no harm, but tips the scales to do some genuine good.

including ethical production

bon label is made ethically in australia and bangladesh

bon tees are ethically made with occ in australia, an ethically accredited factory using fabric which is not only gots certified, but also australian certified organic for all processes from spinning to weaving through the dye process

we also partner with occ to make some of our styles in bangladesh.  this was a big decision for us given the rana plaza disaster in bangladesh in 2013.

after much contemplation and investigation we have decided to trial some tees made in bangladesh.  the factory we work with is committed to fair working conditions and is a member of the fairwear foundation.

the fairwear foundation is committed to creating a world where the garment industry supports workers in realising their rights to safe, dignified and properly paid employment.  the factory we work with offers childcare on site and is monitored daily with reps on the ground in bangladesh ensuring fair conditions are adhered to vehemently and permanently.  

we were worried about working with a factory in bangladesh, but the fact is, through the manufacturing sector, 20 million people have been lifted out of poverty there in the last 20 years.  without doubt there are factories who are not kind and fair to their employees and we do not engage with these people or places and we hope that over time, through the support of the fairwear foundation these factories will either cease to exist or adapt to a fair way of working. 

whilst we support and enjoy all the benefits of making in australia, we are proud to test the waters in bangladesh and play some small part in helping the community there.