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organic cotton

our mission is to make a tee which has a positive impact on every body it touches.

beginning with a good seed and a fair price paid to cotton farmers, and ending with you, our #bongirls.

our goal is to ensure that a bon tee not only does no harm, but tips the scales to do some genuine good.

beginning with organic cotton grown from a fairtrade seed

bon label uses only fairtrade and  organic cotton

it starts with a good seed

organic, non-GMO and fairtrade.  brought to life with environmental and social benefits :

that lovely new bon tee in your wardrobe started life as a little organic, non-gmo, fairly traded seed, nurtured to life on a farm in india.  alongside protecting and supporting farmers, workers and their communities, fairtrade encourages and empowers farmers to protect the natural environment - and they're doing a pretty good job of it... 

grown organically

the experienced hands of the farmer grew your little cotton seed into lovely fluffy cotton without the use of harmful chemicals. 

growing organically like this has several benefits.

environmentally, it supports biodiversity and healthy eco-systems, improving the quality of soil it's grown in. it also avoids causing long term pollution of water and soil, and, vital for the communities living in the area, doesn't demand too much water to grow. nice job little seed!

social benefits include...

hand picked without harm

your fully grown lovely soft fluffy cotton is hand picked ready to be spun and woven

thankfully it's organic, so pickers were not exposed to extreme amounts of toxic chemicals whilst picking (when cotton is not grown organically, all the chemicals used to support it's growth stay in the cotton, passing on toxicity to pickers, spinners, weavers, sewers, packers & wearers)

and sold for a good price

it took time, effort and money for the farmer to transform your little cotton seed into beautiful organic cotton, and fairtrade ensures the farmer is paid a fair price for the effort (which is often not the case for non fair trade cotton)

 in addition, fairtrade pay a premium which farmers and their workers collectively decide where to invest.  either improving their farming practices, or in areas such as health and education for the community.  it's very cool and you can read more about it at fairtrade here 

then transformed into your favourite tee

growing organically is not only safe and beneficial socially and environmentally, but also produces a smoother, softer and better quality cotton fabric.  this fabric is expertly crafted into the bon tee you're wearing now, at our factory in melbourne, abmt.

read about the next phase of your bon tee's journey here - ethical production