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by Linda Smyth August 13, 2021 2 min read

Marina is the woman behind nut job bakery, aka, the best cakes in the universe.  We'll get to the cakes in a minute - first I need to tell you about Marina.  You know when you enter a room and don't know anyone and there's one person you notice straight away and know that you want to be their friend?  At an event (haha, I know, a what?!?!) last year, that was how I met Marina.  She was so comfy with her own cool self and had the warmest friendliest vibes surrounding her.  So I made a beeline, we got chatting, I found out she's from Croatia, makes cakes and loves tees and margarita's.  Our friendship was sealed.

So to her cakes -  she's on a mission to create the healthiest cake community in the world.   could you actually have a better mission?!   And I do believe she's on track to reach that goal.  She's making "simple, imperfect, made from nature, consciously crafted, naturally grain free, gluten free and diary free" delicious, organic cakes and desserts.  holy shit, yes please!   I've had the pleasure of consuming cakes from Nutjob Bakery on several occasions and they're genuinely amazing.  

So now that you're really hungry, make a snack and read this short and sweet peek inside the life of @nutjobbakery Marina Rosta. xo, Linda

1. Can you tell us your age please Marina?


2. What’s the song that takes you back to childhood the most? (I couldn’t choose just one so multiple songs are totally acceptable!)

    I need a hero, Bonnie Tyler.

    3. Who was your first real life teen crush?  Did you ever get together?

    A guy from primary school.... yeah, for a short time! lol.

    4. Who, What or Where makes you feel good every time? 

    My husband. Sun. The beach. Frozen margarita's with crazy friends! 

    5. What's your favourite item in your wardrobe?

    White boho dress. 

    6. What's the most worn item in your wardrobe?

    White boho dress.

    7. Who is your style hero?

    I don’t really have one.

    8. What's your perception of the 40's? Has that changed since you joined this decade?

    I used to be freaking out ... but it's actually pretty good if you keep working on yourself in every aspect. 

    9. How do you feel about the 50's?

    Freaking out hahahaha!!

    10. What are the 3 words which come to mind when I say 'menopause'?

    I don't want to go there, lol. 

    11. How do you feel about menopause?

    yeah, it's a no from me - eds note - I'm working on this with marina! ;)

    12. What would you like to be known for?

    Kindness.  Spreading happiness and joy. And teaching people healthy habits.

    13. What are you looking forward to today? 

    Testing a new cake. And to a walk in the sun!

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