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good values

bon is French for good and goodness is at the heart of all we do. 

we value kindness, goodness, the beauty in life, and fun.

so our goal is to bring you the best possible tees,

in the nicest possible way.

helping you to look good, and feel good, every day

bon label uses only gots certified organic cotton


We use only certified organic cotton jersey for all our garments.
to read more about organic cotton and why it's so important go here (it's about a minute and a half read)


Garments are printed and embroidered locally, minimising travel miles and carbon footprint per garment.

Enviro-friendly waterbased dyes are used for all of our regular prints.
We’re not perfect, but we’re pretty good, and always striving to improve our production practises and processes.  

the bon studio

we do our best to run the studio as sustainably as possible.
Currently we -

Refuse to individually bag our garments in plastic sleeves.

Use 100% renewable energy via Momentum energy.

Use recyclable/biodegradable/sustainable forestry packaging.

Recycle our Paper & Plastics (we are on a mission to reduce plastics in the studio to zero).

Use Keep Cups and Swell water bottles.

Print our brand collateral locally (reducing our carbon footprint).

Use FSC certified and Australian made paper (we’re constantly looking at ways to reduce our environmental impact and we’ve dramatically reduced the amount of collateral we print).

Donate samples and seconds to charity.

Use sampling fabric off cuts as rags.

Keep the lights off and use natural light for as long as the sunshine will allow.

It’s really important to us that we do not profit from the exploitation of people or the planet. 

We choose to make all of our garments ethically.

Currently we work with OCC in Australia because of their commitment to

sustainability, fair trade and ethical production.

Through OCC we make our core styles locally in Australia,

and we've just begun a partnership with an ethical factory in Bangladesh for our new styles

(we'll continue to make our core styles here in Australia).

You can read more about that here. 


We also believe in the Sisterhood.  

We love men, but it's no secret women make the fashion industry - and the world ;) - go round.   

We believe in the sisterhood - the power of women banding together,

supporting not exploiting one another, and bringing out the good in garments,

and the good in the world.  

Fashion doesn't make the world go round but it's a really lovely place to start.

Support your sisters and buy ethical x