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unfuckupable design

One of the most beautiful things about a good tee is that it’s unf*ckupable.
You can throw it on with your oldest denim or most tailored pants and it looks good. 
You can tie it in a knot over your bathers and it looks good.  
You can layer it under a blazer and it looks good.
You can wear it tucked into tailored trousers, the most insanely beautiful skirt,
or out and loose with breezes swirling all around and it looks good

When you start with a good basic, you can’t help but create an unf*ckupable outfit.  
We pull this concept through the entire range, and all of our garments go through the bon ‘is it unf*ckupable’ (™) process in the design room. 
The result is simple shapes andminimal designs in beautiful fabrics with original prints.
Only the really good pieces. The wardrobe mvp’s.
The everyday garments you can’t go wrong in.
The unf*ckupable items made to be worn to death.
There’s no space for fast fashion in the unf*ckupable wardrobe.
It’s not about excess.  
Just quality essentials which are designed well, made well and made to last.
Pieces which work in lots of different ways,
made with care and respect for people and the planet. 
Basically, good tees.