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There's always one thing which stands out on a shoot and that we still talk about months later.  Our Spring shoot with the incredibly beautiful, vivacious and very French Gabrielle was memorable for lots of reasons but the one thing which Tricia and I STILL talk about is her skin.  It was seriously like VELVET.  You know when you sit on a velvet couch and you just have to pat it.  It was like that.  (We didn't sit on Gabs but we did pat her arm).

There was not one imperfection.  It was smooth, perfectly tanned and there's no other word for it, literally like velvet.  We almost did away with our make-up artist and photoshopping was barely necessary. 

We're both in our late 30's and spent a lot of our childhood ... teen years ... 20's ... early 30's... now... on the beach.  We're doing ok for our age, and Gabs had pretty exceptional skin to start with, but holy moly, this post is dedicated to all the 20-somethings living it large in the sun.  Don't forget to spf! Or as my husband says - be sun genius xx

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sadness. anger. frustration. irritability.
sadness. anger. frustration. irritability.

by Linda Smyth July 27, 2021 4 min read

the past two days i've felt so much sadness and irritability and frustration and anger and it's been incredibly draining.  so this is a post to read if you're feeling particularly drained by the symptoms of menopause.  it includes a couple of my coping mechanisms for getting back on track.  sending love, it will be ok.
the thing about menopause + alcohol
the thing about menopause + alcohol

by Linda Smyth July 22, 2021 4 min read

it's a widely known fact that menopause means hot flushes and alcohol induces these hot flushes.  safe to say, much of the 'here to help' literature around menopause recommends an alcohol free existence to keep flushes under control.  this sits well within the societal move towards zero alcohol adult beverage alternatives, and the mental and physical benefits of an alcohol-free lifestyle.   if you want to punch those articles in the face, read this.
A useful guide to Menopause.  Written for everyone, including men.
A useful guide to Menopause. Written for everyone, including men.

by Linda Smyth July 14, 2021 9 min read

A beginners guide to menopause - and a first step in the de-mystifying and de-olding process.  an overview of what it is, when it happens, the symptoms, and a few method's which are currently helping me manage.  Cockatoo reference will make sense when you get to the bit about hormones and emotions x