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We're constantly working a season or 2 ahead and in June this year we shot our Summer '17 campaign.  

Even though it was the middle of Winter we decided to take a punt (and a whole lot of blankets) and shoot outdoors.  I got married at Bangalla in Scotland Is. and it's absolutely beautiful (check it out here - incidentally, it's for sale if you're in the market for a multi million dollar hideaway on a car-less island in Sydney's north) and have always wanted to go back so this was a perfect excuse.  Legend photographer Tim Jones and I caught a water taxi to reccy the site one cold May morning and even in the grey drizzle it still looked amazing - perfect for our shoot.  We booked it and for the next 2 weeks were glued to the forecast - which was becoming increasingly cold and wet.

Two days before our shoot forecasters started warning of an impending storm and they were so right!  At the last minute we booked a studio and shot the Summer campaign inside while the storm raged outside.  We didn't get to shoot at Bangalla but with the help of central heating and a few storm lashed palm fronds foraged from the wet streets of Rosebery we recreated Summer.  Our model Paulina was absolutely brilliant and it was such a fun day.

Thank you to our beautiful inside and out model Paulina Grochowina, photographer extraordinaire Tim Jones, and hair and make-up legend Tiffany Mooney

Pictured from left to right - Photog. Assistant Mason, bon right hand woman Tricia, MUA Tiffany, bon designer Linda, Photographer Tim. At front, Paulina.

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