Welcome to our journal

Welcome to our journal

In a perfect world our first entry would be a perfectly worded and completely inspiring 2-3 sentence summary on what you can expect to see and read here on a regular basis. 

Having thought about these sentences for way too long now, and with a deadline looming (because writing a journal without a deadline means that 6 months passes before an entry occurs), we realize it’s quite hard to succinctly summarise something which in all likelihood will be a mish mash of fashion, art, people, places, #bonlife and a million other things we haven’t even thought about yet.

So, to get things underway, and before another paragraph writes itself, meet Garance Doré, one of our favourite and most inspiring muses. We love Garance for her perfectly effortless and perfectly French style, her elegance, her naturalness and her open, honest communication style. Above all we love the way she’s achieved such success with such grace (and a huge amount of talent). A beautiful and inspiring start point for a long, happy journal journey.  

We’d love you to be part of our journey so check in on weekly basis, comment if you feel like it, share if you love it and be part of the wonderful ride that is bon.

Merci x


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