True colours

True colours

One of the things we love about designing a new collection is deciding on our print and finding the perfect artist to bring it to life.  You know our love of all things (and people) Parisian so when we discovered Clementine, a delightful Parisienne illustrator living in Bondi Beach we knew we'd found our Summer '16 artist.  

Clementine's response to our brief is this beautiful outlined Peacock illustration.  It's both delicate and fierce - projecting our strong and feminine approach to the brand - and life for that matter.  We LOVE it.  

This week Clementine surprised us with our Peacock beautifully coloured in hues of blue, pink and orange.  As you all also know our palette is pretty much black, white and grey, but we adore our painted summer bird.  In colouring our Peacock Clementine has captured the essence of bon - and our approach to dressing.  

It starts with a chic, simplified, yet true to form monochrome base (the Peacock outline / a monochrome tee).  To that comfy, well fitting base is added accoutrements to match your mood.  Somedays, genuine splashes of colour (the Peacock's new colours / a colourful scarf), other days, shining jewellery (the Peacocks colourful crown / layers of yellow gold).  It's a really easy formula and one which makes it so much easier to get dressed every morning.  To get you started on a colourful Summer, here are some of our favourite accoutrements.  Go forth and get colourful (on your black'n white base!). x Linda

Chan Luu Paisley scarfeditors full disclosure - I own this one in dusty blue- almost colour!

32.4 Ardor Bangle + everything else 32.4 golden!

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