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One of the things I love about designing a new collection is deciding on a print theme or idea and finding the perfect artist to bring it to life.  

You know my love of all things (and people) Parisian so when I discovered Clementine, a delightful Parisienne illustrator living in Bondi Beach I knew I'd found my Summer '16 artist.  

Clementine's response to my brief was this beautiful outlined Peacock illustration.  It's both delicate and fierce - projecting our strong and feminine approach to the brand - and life for that matter.  I LOVE it.  

This week Clementine surprised me with our Peacock beautifully coloured in hues of blue, pink and orange.  As you all know the bon palette is pretty much black, white and grey, but I really love our painted summer bird.


Mine is probably one of the most monochrome wardrobes around, but just like our freshly painted peacock, a few bright items in there really lift it, and me.  Ratio of bright to mono is probably 1:10 but that 1 in 10 colour piece punches well above it's weight.  

If like me you like to admire your brights from afar, try adding just one bright skirt to your outfit repertoire and see how far it takes you.  I love ganni for something cute and bright but totally wearable - especially with a plain white tee! x


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