The Old Clare

April 10, 2017

The Old Clare

every season we shoot our new collection 8 months before it hits the shelves.  design and sampling aside, the shoot pretty much always runs as follows :

book photographer

cast model

fix last minute hiccup (always one)

very late night

very early morning

copious amounts of coffee

killer playlist

day long wrestle with wayward t'shirt, crease, hair, earring, shadow, skirt, fingernail, freezing cold studio, boiling hot studio, parking warden (please someone build a studio which comes with free, all day, onsite parking), garment steamer....

belly laughs

forget to eat

forget to pee


need to pass out/eat/pee but instead spend the next 5 hours selecting 20 amazing shots from a possible 1500 ...

shattered but completely stoked.

mostly the shoot occurs in a rented studio space with white walls, a freshly painted cyc and perfect lighting.

but sometimes it's good to mix things up.  I'd heard about The Old Clare in Chippendale and loved that 2 heritage listed buildings had not only been so tenderly and cleverly brought back to life, but they'd been merged together in an architectural feat. 

with no better excuse to book a weekend away in my own city I contacted the Old Clare and organised to shoot our Winter & Spring Summer campaigns in the hotel... on a Friday of course ;)

the hotel didn't disappoint - there were interesting details everywhere and the modernisation had retained and highlighted the interesting features of both buildings.  the result was 2 great campaigns, a set of fantastic images ... and one lovely weekend away - we highly recommend!

Click here to explore the Old Clare and book yourself a Sydney escape you won't forget.

>> This is not sponsored - we just really loved the old clare and needed to share!

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