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by Linda Smyth October 20, 2017 2 min read

We decided to take a long weekend away in the middle of October.  It's been a long year, mostly good, but completely intense and my husband and I really needed a break. 

The brief was pretty simple.  Minimal travel time, sunshine, salt water, no full on crowds.  We decided on Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW - it hadn't rained there since March, the beach is amazing, it had the perfect boutique hotel, Halcyon House, and we could fly there in an hour.  Perfect.

Not so much. 

All the rain that hadn't come down since March came down in the 3 days we were there.  I kid you not, it was solid rain the entire time.  

Given the only thing we were craving was sunshine and salt water it could have been a total disaster.  But it was actually really cool.  We were forced to bunker down in our gorgeously appointed brown polka dot room and chill the f*&k out.  It was cosy and relaxing and fun.  We chatted and planned stuff and played silly games.  Three times a day we 'travelled' down 2 flights of stairs to dine in the most sophisticated, delicious and relaxed on site restaurant Paper Daisy.  The rain made us feel completely removed from the rest of the world, like we were living in a magical Halcyon bubble.  It was awesome.  

At the end of the weekend we were genuinely relaxed and refreshed.  It wasn't the weekend we had panned but the result was the same - maybe even better?  I am still desperado for some sun and sand but it was a really good reminder to keep an open mind when things don't go to plan because there's always an upside - and often it's just as good, sometimes even better.  Thanks rain, you kept it real,  And Halcyon House - we will be back ... in the sun ;)

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