Long live linen

October 10, 2017

Long live linen

growing up in auckland, new zealand in the 80's and early 90's there were very few cool stores around.  Like literally a handful. 

One of them was three bears in newmarket.  I loved that store so much and constantly begged mum to take me there. 

Some time in the 90's my dad bought mum a really beautiful white linen shirt from three bears.  That one shirt completely changed mum's look.  She suddenly seemed so much chic-er (sorry Mum, not that you weren't chic before the shirt...) and it worked with everything.  I loved how it made Mum look so put together and she just seemed so much more confident in that shirt.  It was beautiful. 

And it was then that my love of linen began.

So you can imagine how excited I am to introduce a capsule range of linen to bon this season!  Just a couple of Summer essentials in white and black - a sweet'n sexy sun dress and a breezy a-line camisole.  Both with ties at the shoulders and lined in a sustainable rayon (read more about that here in the product description).  

We sent a sun dress to one of our favourite #bongirls @harleyquinnandco to test drive (pictured above) and based on Erin's response we think we're on to a couple of linen winners. 

Mum still has that shirt, and every time I visit and we do a big fun styling session in her big fun wardrobe it comes out and is as mvp as ever.   So I hope you get as much love and wear out of these new linen's as my Mum does out of hers. 

Enjoy this collection, and long live linen x

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