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by Linda Smyth September 16, 2020 2 min read

it's a beautifully sunny spring day and I'm sitting at the dining room table working. it's warm and there's a sense of new in the air.  in the foreground elton john is banging out rocket man, in the background the washing machine sloshes away.  it's a beautiful day.

but my to do list is long and mid sing-along I glance up to the kitchen clock and note that it's 10.30.   god, already.   my to do list is too long and i can feel my heart starting to race.  i get up to refill my water glass.

on the way back to the table i glance out the front and see rupert cat sitting in his favourite spot on our front path.  he looks happy.  content.   i consider his life. 

he's got a really nice life.  cuddles are plentiful, as is food.  he's got a top notch selection of sunny spots to sleep in and an endless supply of insects, geckos and birds to have fun with.  (probably less fun for the not cat side of the equation but hey, a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do).

and i thought, wow, what a life.  he doesn't have a to do list.  he doesn't have to worry about finances, mortality, mean people doing bad things to loved ones, covid, what to wear.  none of that.  and i thought, i wouldn't mind that life.

but then i thought about legacy, and what his would be.  beyond 12,252 photos on my phone and many a fond memory, our beautiful little rupie probably won't make much of an impact on this world.  he's loved by many and brings so much joy, which is not to be underestimated, but, in that brief moment of considering the outcome of a cat's life v's my life, i'll take my racing heart and to do list every time. 

because in those 5 1/2 steps from my kitchen to my dining room table i realised i could spend my life sitting in the sun watching the world around me and then drift off after a pleasant few years, OR


so my heart still races.  but now, it races for a reason, with purpose, drive and a sense of excitement.  see ya stress.  hellooooooo productivity!

but first, a little pat for my awesome cat x

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