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by Linda Smyth September 20, 2020 4 min read

given the entire bon range is either black, white or grey it'll come as no surprise that my personal wardrobe is the same - save for the odd injection of camel and khaki.  i open it up and it feels calm and orderly - a vision for my virgo eyes.  everything goes together, and even on the days when every outfit i put on i hate (why?!?!?, and always when i really do want to look good?!?), it's easy to turn to a fail safe white/black/grey tee + white/black/grey denim/pants combo - perfectly unfuckupable. 

but some days, and especially as winter melts away and the heat turns up, i really fancy a little colour pop.  the addition of little colour can take a good outfit to really good.  but it's hard to get it right - and do it in a way which is sustainable. 

so in the spirit of not wasting money  + the planet on brights you love but never wear, here is my guide to a few good colour pops for spring - things which you can pull out now and for ever.

1. ok, so bikini's do have a shelf life, but this ganni one ticks ALL my bikini boxes. it's bright and happy, made from 100% recycled materials + regenerated yarn and you can wear it under an oversized white shirt from beach to bar/BQ.  i would never wear a tshirt this colourful but a bite size bikini is totally do-able in a bright print. it adds just the right amount of colour to my summer wardrobe

ganni recycled bikini in ... happy 

2. a beautiful cross body bag in a fresh but muted pink is an investment you won't regret. if you buy well it will last forever.  I have a benah x karen walker baby pink crossbody bag that's over 5 years old now and it still looks new. It's the kind of bag to invest in once and keep it forever.  resting it for season will prolong your love for the item - and it's general appearance, so as mush as you can, this is a good one to splurge on. I rested mine last spring/summer and i've loved putting it back into rotation this spring - literally feels like i've got a new bag and it's already been out several times lifting an otherwise minimal grey tee + white pants combo. sadly benah no longer exists but an equally awesome investment is this one from mansur gavriel (if I didn't already own my benah one I would be writing to santa about the cloud clutch, it makes me happy just looking at it - imagine it tucked under your arm - arghhhh, so good!).

mansur gavriel mini cloud clutch in pink

3. birkies.  devisive i know, but I'm firmly in the love camp. birkenstocks are the best, most comfortable, most practical but somehow cool (in both senses of the word) shoe for spring, summer + autumn too.  they ebb and flow out of 'fashion' but regardless of where they're trending on insta, i'm here to state they're a long time wardrobe winner.  the birkenstock 1774 arizona sandal is my favourite and this season it's available in bright yellow.  literally, could not get any better! i love that the sole, footbed and straps are all yellow.  put a pep in your step and a little sunshine on your soles with these gems and you'll be guaranteed a good day. they'll also last a lifetime.

birkenstock arizona 1774 in yellow (they're an investment)

alternatives here 

4. roxanne assoulins rainbow bright set  i could not love these more.  they're child-like but cool, bright but somehow understated, and they literally work with everything.  don't be afraid to clash colours with these,  just throw them on and feel instantly happy.  i love them worn with a white shell bracelet and a little silver.  apply the same rule here - hold on to these forever and 'rest' them for a season every now and then. 

roxanne assoulins rainbow bright set 

and for similar bright, happy vibes, lucy folk's pyramid of the sun friendship bands here

for alternatives, search etsy, or get crafty and make your own.  remember, the beauty is in the beads. Roxanne assoulin uses enamel for the perfect amount of shine. 

5. ysl lou lou sunglasses in red.  what more can I say, these do all the talking.  how could you not have a good day wearing these.  the cat eye is universally flattering, the colour is the perfect shade of red and they will literally go with anything.  a bit of an investment but it's september so you've got 3 months to be really good.  add these to your letter to santa now and be on your best behaviour for the rest of the year. 

ysl lou lou sunglasses in red

alternatively these in coral from bailey nelson work just as well

as do these in hibiscus pink

6. I live in good shorts for warmer weather, especially with a toddler to run around after.  mine are all either denim or shades of khaki so this spring i'm investing in just one really good pair for my days away from the playground.  i absolutely love these to elevate my rotation of black, white and grey tees.  a bright print like this will work with all your monochrome essentials, and weirdly, because of the mix of colour they can cope with additional colour in your accessories.  seriously, add colourful bracelets, sunglasses, bag and/or shoes when you wear these, it'll work - and that's coming from monochrome lover me!

la double j good butt shorts

also these from zimmerman

enjoy the new season bongirls.  after a pretty bleak year i for one am embracing a little bright in my wardrobe .... worn on a monochrome base of course ;)

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