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by Linda Smyth June 26, 2020 4 min read

I really hate buying an item of clothing that i don't love and wear to death.   i own an agnes b shirt bought in Paris for my 25th birthday.   I've had it for a really long time - I'm not going to tell you how long because... maths, but I love that shirt, wear it often and it's still in perfect condition.  It was really expensive and it's lasted incredibly well. 

My winter jackets range from 1 to 10 years old and I still love and wear them all.

If it's not already obvious, I have a personal uniform, and I appreciate quality garments.

While I like to refresh the basics and tweak my style a little for each new season, there's never a fundamental shift, just little updates on the same formula.

I get asked a lot about styling and my personal style (which, if you don't know me, is minimal, tee based, and neutrals dominated) so I thought it would be good to share the bones of my winter wardrobe with you - a handful of quality pieces which all mix and match, making it easy to dress everyday and which set me up with lots of 'unf*ckupable' outfits from a relatively small selection of pieces. 

so here it is, my guide to see you through the season (and many winter's to come) in good style.

there's some investment pieces in here which are bought to wear for 10 years or more so buy to your budget and stretch to whatever you can, especially when it comes to classic knits. (and on the longevity of pieces -  I often 'rest' a garment for a season, it's like it's new again the next time the season rolls round) 

i hope you find this helpful.  have fun with it and let me know how you go. x Linda 

- links + details are at the bottom of this post.  None of these recommendations are sponsored, they're all just my personal favourites.  

1. tees in black, white and grey :

- for winter I wear mostly the Classic as my bottom layer. I like a little bit of tee to show around crew necklines, and also think the bind on this style works best under a v neck sweater or cardigan.

The everyday is my other winter go-to. it's fitted, so warm as a 1st layer and tucks in nicely without any bulk

2. two quality knits :

- definitely one in black, this loulou studio black v neck knit is my pick and you'll wear it season after season.  a v neck is great because you can wear it casually during the day with a tee underneath and then dress it up for evening with just a bra or cami underneath. you can also totally change the look by wearing a different coloured tee underneath.  I alternate our white, grey and vintage black tees (i prefer vintage black as it means you have complimentary, not competing black).

- and a second knit in a neutral colour - either camel, cream/off white, or grey.  I can't go past this loulou studio cardigan.  it's the perfect length - in between the hip and waist, boxy but not too oversized and with beautiful understated detail.  seriously, you'll be wearing this for years.  loulou studio also donates 20% of online sales to the world health organisation which is pretty amazing.

3. two well tailored pairs of pants : 

- a great pair of jeans in a fresh, not too faded blue. I prefer my jeans without rips - for warmth, and to look a little more put together; and always a high rise - again to look a little more put together, and to create or enhance shape. I also like a little bit of ankle to show between the hem and my shoe - only 4 or 5cm's. outland denim's lucy jean is my pick - in the true blue wash. outland also do incredible things to empower people out of poverty and into prosperity, are totally sustainable and completely transparent. they're incredibly good people and they make incredibly good garments.

- and quality khaki's. i would be lost without a great pair of high waist khaki pants and theses ones from iro are perfect. if you're between sizes buy a size up for a little more room and length and use the belt (mix it up with a different belt somedays) to cinch in the waist.  

4. and a few basics to round it all out :

- one universal pair of trainers. These veja campo ones are my all time faves (although, caution, I did go up a size from my usual esplar's in the campo style). I like the black accent on this pair - they work well to pull your look together, but they're equally versatile and chic in plain white, or with a bright coloured accent.  veja are also a truly good brand, making sustainable sneakers ethically and with a positive social impact

- one simple black belt.  make sure you choose one with finished edges - not just a raw cut edge.  2.5-3cm wide is my favourite width.  wear it with your denim or khaki pants to totally change your outfit.  I like this rag & bone one, or this isabel marant version

- delicate jewellery with a cool detail.  I love local jeweller linda tahija for incorporating interesting elements into an overall understated design. this linked necklace is a fave, and available in silver too, but all of her cool-pretty pendants are worthy of a look.

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