The Knitter x bon Label

June 09, 2017

The Knitter x bon Label

you've probably noticed we're not huge on colour.  not because we don't love colour - we do!  We just appreciate it from a distance.  Sunsets, art, amazing editorial, a well-dressed woman walking down the street in a clash of colour and pattern - all beautiful and vital for creative inspiration.  Life would be way less interesting and appealing without colour - can you imagine a world in black and white?  We would miss out on SO MUCH! 

But for us, and many of the women we design for, colour is at it's best when it's not actually worn.  Styling and wearing colour can be problematic.  Especially when compared with a neutral black, white and grey palette.  A colour-free wardrobe makes formulaic (not boring!!) dressing easy(er) - it's one of the fundamentals of the bon design philosophy - garments which can be mixed and matched and worn a million times without anyone noticing the high rotation.  

A black, white and grey wardrobe reduces waste (you need way less), is always chic, and is infinitely more sustainable, it just works.  So why the pink scarf you may well ask?  A very fair question.  Well, once in a pink moon a designer comes along who grabs colour, and with some kind of magic, makes it infinitely cool, wearable, season-less and un-scary. 

A couple of months ago we met one such designer -  the knitter.  Not only is she one of the nicest people on the planet, her knits are ethical, cosy, beautiful and really cool.  They're colourful but somehow Nicole makes them stand out in the most understated way.  It's genius.  These bundles of pink goodness are also hand-knitted in NZ which means they come with the extra good vibes.  In the words of the knitter "made from wool sourced from happy sheep and giddy goats, supporting small communities and a slower pace of life. Knitted together by humble hands, using century old methods, while keeping things happy and simple, the way life should be".  the knitter designs with colour in a way which takes away all of colour's longevity, wearability and styling difficulties.  

In a nutshell, unf*ckupable colour!  Genius. 

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