the logo tee

November 15, 2017

the logo tee

I love our logo!  It started as a handwritten scrawl I'd scribbled on a scrap of paper not long before bon launched.  One day a very talented graphic designer saw it in my studio, took the piece of paper, added the tail to the b and returned it to me as our beautiful logo.  It was love at first sight and I never get sick of it.  Which is good, because it's my livelihood!

Not long after bon launched, a few of our stockists commented that they would love to see the bon logo on a tee.  I had always considered that a bit arrogant - having your logo all over your garments, but the more I thought about it the more it made sense.  I loved the way our logo looked and I knew our customers did too.  I thought if I could do it in a way which was quite subtle it would be a good addition to the collection, and it wouldn't jar with my 'less is more' approach to design.

So we printed the logo in black on our black and white stripe crew, and in white on our white crew.  The results were exactly what we were hoping for - a little obscured, there, but not in your face there, just enough to add some interest but not so much that people noticed if you wore it every day for a week ;)  The bon Crews are now two of my all time favourites.

It seems you guys love them too so the two bon Crew's are now permanent styles in our essentials collection.  Welcome to the family bon Crew and bon Stripe Crew, so good to see you x

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