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by Linda Smyth August 22, 2021 2 min read

,A quick post about 5 new things which, pre menopause I didn't even notice but which now make me so fucking angry.

1. I get hangry. I have never been a hangry person.  I got so hangry today i ate three homemade hotdogs.  To be fair I was using a truffle mustard that we'd been given in a delightful hamper last Christmas and the mustard was off the charts delicious, but three?!   i have never in my life eaten 3 hotdogs.  ever.  in my whole entire life.  but it was 100% necessary.  being hangry is the worst. 

2. The sound of Cam eating carrots.  and apples.  It makes me so angry I can barely write about it without getting pissed off.  I'm contemplating earmuffs.  I didn't even notice the sound of him eating carrots and apples before menopause. And now I'm contemplating sitting on the sofa with earmuffs.  Fuck you menopause. 

3. The smell of oranges.  I've never loved the smell of oranges but now the smell legitimately and completely actually pisses me off.   I didn't even know a smell could incite anger.  what the actual fuck.   Oranges can fuck off.  (Unless they're in nudie double pulp juice and then they are totally welcome). 

4. The sound of Cam's incessant video watching.

5. facebook, tiktok or whatver the f&*k platform Cam is watching those fucking annoying videos on.  I f&*king hate any platform ever in the universe that has short video after short video after short useless waste of time dumb fucking video. 

Please add your latest, greatest, newest addition to the "didn't even used to notice it and then menopause put a big yellow highlighter through it" pisses me off list.  it's not a cure, but I did find writing about it a little therapeutic.

xo, have a good day hotties!

hahahaha, I hope through the anger you can appreciate my ironically lighthearted and positive sign off. xo, Linda


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