hibon boyfriend tee

hibon boyfriend tee

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style :

this is a new style, with a loose fit, a slight drop shoulder and a wide rib at the neck.  tuck it in + roll the sleeves to dress it up; or keep it oversized and relaxed with sleeves unrolled and a loose half tuck into your fave shorts (bermuda's are my pick this summer).


hibon - rare, extraordinary.

my japanese sister in law introduced me to this amazing word a couple of years ago and I've been wanting to incorporate it into a print ever since.  it's like the japanese version of je ne sais quoi.

hibon means rare, extraordinary, with the addition of that wonderful quality that cannot be described or named easily.  i love that sentiment so much, and love that the word includes bon.

i played around with literally hundreds of ideas for this print but in the end modifying our logo and encapsulating the meaning inside a heart was all it required.  this is a limited edition print and comes to you with love, kindness, care and best wishes for a really good day every time you wear it. 

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with love, linda


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