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about linda

Following a lifelong appreciation of the mythical good tee (and unable to find it),
I began designing and sewing my own,
eventually founding bon in February 2016.
Self taught and ex-advertising I now run bon from my Northern Beaches studio
with my very dear friend Libby and a top notch selection of contractors
covering production, advertising and adobe design stuff that I still can't do.
our goal is to supply women just like us with the ultimate
in luxe tees and supporting wardrobe essentials,
and do some genuine good along the way ...
as well as having fun and drinking possibly a few too many margaritas.
I'm currently living in the northern beaches with my husband, son and cat,
and really enjoying a return to bon following a long and very lovely maternity leave. 
thank you for joining me on this journey, I promise to make it a good one for you x